Jasatel has an international bandwidth of 359 Mbps, with a redundant connection to the main backbone providers in North America and Asia. Jasatel also has a direct connection to Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX) and private peering. The speed and the smoothness of the maximum access will make your Internet activity easier and enjoyable.


Jasatel’s redundant infrastructure to a number of different route will minimize the possibilities of network downtime and routing efficiency to United States, Asia and also to Indonesia. The support of more than 4000 best quality digital phone lines/ ISDN (Pasopati) spread in a number of Point of Presence (POP) will guarantee the reliability for dial in. With Jasatel@Anywhere, Jasatel can be accessed from 182 area code accross Indonesia with the flat rate.


With the support of our experienced and friendly staff, Jasatel Customer Care is dedicated to give you the best solution in fulfilling all your needs. Jasatel’s 24 Hours Technical Support Team is ready and will be glad to help you.


Jasatel is ready to provide all your necessary needs. Jasatel has a variety of the best quality service that is suitable for your needs, whether it is personal, small business or multi-national company. These included the basic dial- up Internet access to high-speed leased circuit connection, web hosting service, and state of the art Internet Data Centre to host all your servers. We are one-point-of contact for getting your connection to the Internet up and running. Jasatel is your turnkey Internet solutions.


Phone: (021) 520-8987 ext 112/113
Phone: (021) 5290-5208, (021) 520-8976
Phone: (021) 444-666-87
Fax: (021) 520-8980
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Unlimited Internet Access

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Customer Support 24 x 7

Uptime 99%

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PT. Berca Hardayaperkasa
Jasatel Business Unit
Cyber Building, 1st Floor
Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 8 Jakarta 12710
Phone: (021) 520-8987
Fax: (021) 520-8980
E-mail:  info@jasatel.net.id

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