• How to Use Internet Efficiently ?

Connect first 

Auto connection, whenever the computer thinks that you need the Internet connection, is really nice, look sophisticated and lovely jobly work !! Usually, when you double click the browser (Netscape and Microsoft), or Send and Receive e-mail or open up the Internet softwares, the dialer will pop up. It is really wonderful when the auto connection goes smoothly. 

When the noise and interference from the phone line strike your connection, it will be a cumbersome. Specially for those whose modem does not give any dialing sound (mute modem). This is happening for those who has internal or PCMCIA modem. You will be in the dark what went wrong. Therefore, you should make sure that you have the connection. Create a dialer shortcut to your desktop. 

Double click My Computer icon and Dial Up Networking icon. Single click the selected dialer icon by using your right hand mouse. Select Create Shortcut. Click OK button when the windows saying "Windows cannot create a shortcut here. Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop instead ?"

Double click the dialer, type your username and password then click the Connect button. 

When the connection has been established, you could then open up your Internet softwares (browser, e-mail, chat and so on) 

To make more sure, do a ping test. 

Write & read e-mails offline 

The basic idea of e-mail is almost the same with the snail mail. You never write e-mail at the post office, do you ? You write them at your place and go to post office to send them. 

You could ask your e-mail softwares not to send e-mail immediately. Therefore, you could compose first, go connected and finally send them. Each e-mail softwares has this setting, so do not afraid to browse around ! 

If you have web based e-mail, like hotmail, usanet, etc. You still could write down the e-mail offline. Write the letter first by using Notepad. The next time you are connected, you could copy what you have typed then paste it to the body of e-mail. 

The same thing with reading e-mails. Connect first, open up your e-mail softwares, download e-mails, disconnect then read them. 

For the web based e-mail, copy them and paste them into Notepad. So that you could read offline. 

Do not send big attachment 

Sending attachment thru e-mail is really efficient. When you use this often, you build a virtual office and save the paper cost !! It is advised not to send big attachment. 0.5 Mb is consider big. Therefore, send them partially. Please consider your recipients. Perhaps, they do not have high speed modem and good phone line quality, like you do. Also most ISP limits their customer's mailbox quota. Mostly around 5 Mb. 

You could use winzip or pkzip which can be downloaded from the Internet or our ftp site. If you has 40 pages word document, save it in 4 or 5 files. Each contains 10 pages. Name them word1.doc, word2.doc etc then each e-mail has only 1 attachment. Do not send many attachments in 1 e-mail ! 

Browse homepage efficiently 

Do not download the unneeded files. 

Some netters waste their time downloading the unneeded file, such as pictures, sounds, & videos. You could set your browser to download text only. It should be somewhere in your browser's setting. 

Read them offline 

This feature can be used on MS Internet Explorer 4.0 (MS IE 4). It stores what you have browse into directory of "Temporary Internet Files". The size depends on the cache memory setting. You could put as big as 50 % of your hard disk or as low as 1%. After browsing the page you want to read, you just diconnect the Internet connection. Then navigate by using back and foward button. 

For those who has MS IE 3.02, you could not do the same thing. After finding the desired page, you could open new windows. You will open several windows of MS IE. Navigate to find another page. You could have many MS IE windows. When finish, disconnect from Internet then read your page. 

Alternatively, you could copy the writing and paste it to notepad. 

Write & read newsgroup offline 

The idea is almost the same as writing e-mail. Write first offline, get connected and then post it. You could also prepare it by writing on notepad. When you are ready to post, you just copy from notepad and paste to news software. 

To read offline, you just double click the postin you want to read then disconnect from Internet. You are ready to read news offline.

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